Prof. Hafiz Saeed Friday’s Khutba


The Ameer of Jamat-ud-Dawah, Pakistan, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that the making of Pakistan on the basis of kalmia Tayaba (La illaha IlALLAH) is an immense blessing. The rulers of Pakistan should stop looking towards the west for everything. Without establishing a system based on the Quran and Sunnah, we can never have peace and rid ourselves of the evils we see.

The victims of the earthquake at Mashkil are in dire need of homes. We must build these for them. At this difficult time, Jamat-ud-Dawah is not going to abandon its Baloch brothers. We are not going to stop our relief activities until their lives are normalized. He made these statements at this Friday’s Khutba at Qadsia Masjid, Lahore. There were thousands of men, women and children present for Friday congregational prayers.

Hafiz Saeed said that all political, religious and societal organizations must come together now to help our brothers and sisters on Mashkil who are in dire need of help. At this point, there are thousands of people who are homeless. They are sleeping out in the open and are at the mercy of the wilderness.

At this point, the need of the hour is to build new homes here, and everyone in Pakistan should participate in this. By the grace of ALLAH (SwT), Jamat-ud-Dawah has been able to distribute dry food supplies, tents and hard cash to everyone in Mashkil.

Hafiz Saeed said that just like our beloved Prophet (Sallaho Allahi Wassalam) told us to perform salat, perform Hajj, and give Zakat, HE also told us to rid our lands of anti-Islamic governance and structures of falsehood. The sad part is that Muslims have restricted Islam to the masjid.

Until and unless we correct, both, our beliefs and actions, there is not going to be any positive change in our countries and our societies. Islam has given us a Khilafat that is unmatched. The person who is the leader of the Muslims is one that fears ALLAH and he becomes completely aware that he has a duty and responsibility towards ALLAH, and will only impose ALLAH’s orders on the people. It is utterly wrong to assume that we can’t implement Islam’s laws today as well.

Muslims today must stop the wrongs they do, and they must try to follow the ways of the Sahaba ikaram, Rizwanallah Alaihim, Ajmaeen Ta Bayeen. By following this way, ALLAH (SwT) will have mercy on us on Judgment Day. Muslims need to read and understand the Quran and Hadith so that we can correct ourselves and transform our countries and societies. The sacrifices of Muslims have resulted in an end to atrocities of Muslims. That time is near insha’ALLAH when a khilafat will rise again.



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