Jamat-ud-Dawah Chief Hails Pak-China Ties


Lahore – The Ameer of Jamat-ud-Dawah Pakistan, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has expressed pleasure in view of the Chinese Prime Minister visiting Pakistan and making generous offers. The announcement to deliver 50 million Yen as well as re-endorsement of agreements is good news for the future. China has remained a fiend of Pakistanthrough tough times and has supported Pakistan at a time when India and America both targeted Pakistan.

In a statement, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that it was most important to hand over charge of Gwadar Portto China. Pakistan’s enemies did not like this move.

Apart from taking charge of Gwadar Port, the Chinese PM has also gone a big step ahead by helping Pakistan with delivering 50 million Yen in aid that will help in solving many problems in Pakistan.

The previous government did everything it could in order to grant India MFN status, and in the process of that they caused big problems for our economy and businesses by initiating trade with India. Instead of our rulers focusing onIndia and America so much they should try and strengthen ties with China because no matter what touch circumstances China faces, China has never abandoned Pakistan.



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