Jamat-ud-DAwah Leaders Urge Speedy Arrest of Khalid Bashir’s Killers

Khalid Bashir File Photo

Lahore – Leaders from Jamat-ud-Dawah, Pakistan have said that after 7 days going by with no arrest of the killers who martyred Khalid Bashir, the victim’s family and hundreds of thousands of workers of the Jammat are in distress. The government must work with sincerity and catch those responsible for this killing. The culprits must be punished so that in future these sorts of killings can not take place.


In a joint statement regarding the arrest of the killers of Khalid Bashir Central Representative of Jamat-ud-DawaPakistan, Maulana Ameer Hamza; Ameer Jamat-ud-Dawa Lahore, Maulana AbuAlHasham; and, Coordinator of Jamat-ud-Dawa Political Affairs, Hafiz Khalid Waleed, said that the lack of progress in this case is disappointing.


The enemies of Islam are trying to destabilize the country by spreading terror, and the situation is deteriorating even further. People’s lives and their property are not safe anymore. Foreign agents are roaming around freely and creating chaos.


This has been a severe attack on Khalid Bashir, and there are efforts currently going on to unveil the killers. At no cost will we remain silent over terrorism.


Khald Bashir spent many years with Jamat-ud-Dawa spreading Islam. He never had any personal enmity with anyone. His only crime was that he was an active worker for Islam, Pakistan and the unity of the Muslim Ummah.


Those who have martyred Khalid Bashir by the will of ALLAH will not escape punishment. In order to end terrorism, we must end are association with foreign powers.


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