Instructions of ALLAH Must be Implemented in Governance


Lahore  – The Ameer of Jamat-ud-Dawah, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that Nawaz Sharif should not honor any agreements that Zardari and Musharaf had with the US.

Drones are flying by and taking lives of Muslims, and it is our leaders who are responsible for this. The drone attacks in that have taken place in South Waziristan since the new government got elected, is actually a message from the US that it will not let us establish peace and prosperity in Pakistan.

The Americans will not stop these drone attacks by us requesting them. The rulers of a land that was established on the basis of the Kalima Tayaba must establish the Shariah, and they must turn away from this supposed War on Terror. We are not willing to accept aid from a country that is killing our Muslim brothers. Hafiz Saeed made these statements at a Jumma khutba at Masjid Al Qadsia.

America wants to take control of everything here and keep Pakistan in darkness. Whenever we make an attempt to stand on our feet and do things for ourselves, they will do something to offset our actions.

We have to liberate this country from American slavery. To achieve this, we have to be united to fight the enemies of ALLAH. While making a reference to the Holy Quran, Hafiz Saeed said that ALLAH has forbidden us from befriending the crusaders, the Jews and the Hindus, and HE clearly says that they will always try to bribe you and ten cause you harm.

Among themselves they will always be friends, but when it comes to Muslims they will all unite against the Muslims. For this reason, you are to refrain from falling for their pranks. If you really want to establish an administrative structure according to Islamic economy, society and political, then you have to follow the instructions of ALLAH and rid yourself of their friendship and enslavement.

All our rulers say that they befriend America in order to save Pakistan, but the way to save Pakistan is to adopt the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. We always knew that this friendship with America will have huge cost, and as you can see, this is what we are going through.

We are paying the price for this friendship. However, the newly elected government must not repeat the same mistakes, and they must change their policies in Pakistan’s favor.

Millions of Muslims did not sacrifice their lives for nothing, They did it for a reason, and that was to rid Muslims of Hindu tyranny, their culture and their vile ways. ALLAH (SwT) has given us this country, but our rulers have not been to come up to the standards expected of true Muslim leaders, and each time they fail to live up to their promises.

If it was ever to be announced that this country would be run according to the instructions of the Quran and it would be our constitution, we would not face the problems we are facing today. We would not be enslaved to the Americans and every Muslim would turn towards practicing Islam. However, Obama does not ever want such an announcement, and this is why he wants to set to work on the education system here by having our rulers remove Islamic content from the curriculum. At this point, scholars need to make the people aware of these conspircaies that are unfolding right before our very eyes. We all must play our roles to avert secularization of our education system.


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