Hafiz Saeed Emphasized on Elected Leaders’ Responsibilities

Ameer Jamat-ud-Dawah Warns of Dangers in Interest-Based Economy and Indian Terrorism.


Lahore – The Ameer of Jamat-ud-Dawah Pakistan, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that the newly elected government must not repeat the blunders that the first government made. Break the begging bowl and forget about the high hopes we have over Europe and America. Implement Shariah in this land that was established on the Kalima Tayaba.

The whole Pakistani nation stands behind you and are ready for every sacrifice. We don’t want to stretch our hands out to the enemies of Islam.

Muslim rulers are silent while Muslims are being slaughtered in Burma.

Hafiz Saeed made these statements when he delivered a Khutba to a congregation on Friday at Masjid Al Qadsia. Thousands were present including men, women and children.

Hafiz Saeed said that when ALLAH (SwT) grants any nation any benefit or responsibility, it is our duty to follow HIS principles as specified in the Quran, and we must establish Namaz and Zaqat, and wipe out interest-based methods and earnings.

To be given a responsibility and a position of influence is a very big gift from ALLAH (SwT) When leaders realize this and they know that they are answerable, they will automatically want to obey the laws of ALLAH (SwT).

The electricity crisis, ongoing corruption and injustice have to be solved. These are all the responsibilities that fall on the leaders of a country. And everyone who is responsible for these things is answerable to ALLAH.

By implementing what ALLAH instructs and doing what is right will earn great blessings for the leaders and for the entire country. By implementing ALLAH’s law, all the killings, terrorism and denial of rights that we are witnessing will all disappear overnight.

We have everything we need on this land. There is no shortage of anything. However, due to the influence of the enemies of Islam, some people have ruined the economy of this country for their own vested interests.

Therefore, the elected government must declare an end to interest-based methods of running the economy. When they do this, the whole nation will be with them.

We should be buying any electricity from India, a country that murders thousands of Muslims.

The nation asks the leaders here; aren’t you aware of the killings and terrorism that India commits? India will only reward our friendship with more terrorism. They are also sitting on our rivers and producing electricity with our waters , and they want to sell the same electricity to us.


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