Hafiz Saeed Announces Countrywide Demonstration Against the Ethnic Cleansing of Burmese Muslims


Lahore – Ameer Jamat-ud-Dawah, Pakistan, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, said that on Friday there will be nation-wide protests and rallies against the killing of Muslims in Burma. The largest demonstration will be staged at Chowburjee Chowk, Lahore. All Pakistanis are encouraged to join in these protests.

Jamat-ud-Dawah plans to stage these protests at the provincial and countrywide level and will have students, lawyers, traders and civil society members as well as people from all walks of life on board. There will be a peaceful protest outside the Masjid on Friday, and the Khutba’s focus will be on expressing condemnation of the genocide of Burmese Muslims.

In preparation of these protests against the genocide of Burmese Muslims, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed held a conference at the masjid in order to prepare all those in charge of different zonal areas.

He said that protests must be held and rallies must be staged in order so that people hear about the problem and action can be taken. He appealed to the Pakistani nation to participate in these protests in order to show that Pakistanis stand with the Burmese Muslims in solidarity.

Hafiz Saeed said that Burmese Muslims are facing an Ethnic Cleansing, and innocent women, children and old people are being martyred by the thousand. Even masjids and madrassas and towns are being set ablaze as part of drive to kill Muslims.

He said that the unfortunate part is that the UN and the Security Council fails to take any notice of these killings, and other human rights organizations too  along with our rulers have ignored what is going on there.

The Burmese Muslims are being ignored while there is immense propaganda against Muslims that the Buddhists are taking advantage of to wipe out all Muslims. In order to achieve independence of Muslims in Burma, all organizations in Pakistan must come together.

Helping the innocent Muslims in Burma is our duty, as all Muslims are like one body, and one part of the body is in pain, the rest of the body feels it. Muslims will only be free if we are ready to unite and render sacrifices.


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