Jamat-ud-Dawah has established 8 camps in Balochistan to treat 10,000 people and distribute free medicines


Jamat-ud-Dawah has held 8 medical camps in Quetta’s Nawan Kali, Kachalak and Mashriqi By-pass road in addition to other areas of Baluchistan where they have treated 10,000 people and delivered medicines free of charge.

Jamat-ud-Dawah also called in doctors and paramedical staff from across the country to attend these medical camps who helped in treating 4200 patients. and distributed free medicines. This was a gesture to express their love for Baluchistan. They traveled from far and wide to come to different arid areas of Baluchistan.

The camp set up at NawanKali treated more than a thousand patients; the camp at Mashriqi By-Pass treated 550 patients; and the camp at Kachlak dealt with more than 2500 patients and distributed medicines free.

In Lora Laayi and Soab, there were 4 medical camps set up which treated more than 6,000 patients and medicines were distributed free of charge.

In Pashin, Soab and Sunjwayee there were more medical camps set up. Medical camps were set up last year as well.

Doctors and paramedical staff have pledged to continue their support for Baluchistan, and they express their love for their fellow Pakistanis by travelling from so far to set up and run these free medical camps.


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