Students from Maddrassas Have Defeated the Enemies of Islam

Pro. Makki

Madrassas Must Take a Leading Role in Representing Islam
Professor Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, while quoting from Bukhari in an  annual lecture at Karachi’s renowned religious educational institution, Jamia Al Darrasat Islamia, mentioned that the American advances have been thwarted by the students of religious educational institutions. American generals have admitted that it is the Maddrassa’s that have sunk their efforts.

Mubashir Ahmed Rabbani (A scholar of Bukhari Shareef); Engineer Naveed Qamar (Ameer JAmat-ud-Dawah Karachi); Mufti Yusuf Tayabi, Head scholar of Jamia Al Darrasat Islamia; Sheikh Yahyah Bhatti as well as other scholars of the Hadith addressed the occasion.
This year, 43 students completed their Quranic Hifz. To mark the occasion, men, women and children participated in the gathering.
In his address, Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, in teh current era, the Maddrassa system is bringing in positive and progressive changes. Muhammad (Sw) and His blessed companions would strive to educate themselves in matters of religion (Islam). And when they waged Jehad, half the world became religious scholars (Imams).
In Imam Bukhari’s city of Bukhara, Islam spread by way means of Jihad, and ALLAH rewarded the Muslims by giving us a renowned Imam like Imam Bukhari.
He further said that foreign forces have lost in the battlefield. Now, religious organizations and madrassas to take a leading role in  representing Islam and present a roadmap for other Muslims to follow.

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