Hafiz Saeed’s Advice for Pakistan to Emerge as a Leader of the Muslim Umma

Muhammad Hafiz Saeed

Lahore – The Ameer of Jamat-ud-Dawah, Pakistan, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that the Muslim Ummah is in a big problem right now with India, Israel and America using all their technological advancements against us and they are attacking Pakistan.

The Muslim Ummah needs to reduce all the conspiracies of the disbelievers to dust. The problems in Burma, Kashmir, Palestine, and Afghanistan can only be resolved by making sacrifices in the battlefield. Jamat-ud-Dawah will not abandon any Muslims at this difficult hour.

Hafiz Saeed made these statements at an educational at an educational conference open to all at Chowberji Chowk in Lahore. A massive gathering was present, and all those who addressed the occasion included chairman of Tehreek-e- Azadi Jammu aur Kashmir, Hafiz Saifullah Mansoor; Jamat-ud-Dawah’s central representative Maulana Nasr Javed; Maulana Abu Al Hasham and Maulana Muhammad Idrees Farooqui.

Hafiz Saeed said that Muslims must fight for their rights and they must be united in order to do so. This is the way Pakistan will have to get out of this trap that external powers have trapped them in. Only a truly free Pakistan can achieve freedom for not just Kashmir and Burma but other places as well.

the Burmese people need our help, and there is massive propaganda against Islam going on that the Buddhists are taking full advantage of. However, with ALLAH’s help this can all turn around.

Muslims are the ones to set free Muslims and give them their rights. In fact, Muslims are supposed to fight for the rights and freedom of everyone.

International powers have conspired to target Muslims, especially Pakistan. They are spending all their resources on this effort. How, by the will of ALLAH they will not be able to remain in this region much longer. America is disturbed about this and this is why they want to set up educational institutions that can train people here to serve them later in their absence.

The need of the hour now is for religious scholars to come forward and make the people aware of what is going on. Hafiz Saeed said that ALLAH has given Pakistan every kind of resource, but the problem is that our rulers have enslaved us to the Americans.

A budget that is based on Interest is war with ALLAH and His Messenger (Sw). This must not continue, and we must live according to the Quran and Sunnah. If our rulers do this, the whole nation will be with them. We have to end disharmony and sectarianism.

– See more at: http://jamatdawa.org/hafiz-saeeds-advice-for-pakistan-to-emerge-as-a-leader-of-the-muslim-umma/#sthash.LewHPySB.dpuf


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