Inauguration ceremony of Masjid Al-Hamd Faisalabad


At the inauguration ceremony of Masjid Al-Hamd Faisalabad, Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said:

Our Identity is not our ‘sect’ or ‘ethnicity’ – we are represented by a collective faith (Islam) & community (Muslim Ummah).

Sectarian differences are being exploited by our enemies; only teachings of ‘Prophet Muhammad SW’ on the concept of Ummah can unite us.

We need to revive the harmony and strength in our ‘Masajids’ among Muslim communities to reclaim the glory of Islam.

We need to incite love of ‘Masajid’ among our children. We will make schools and education centers in masajids for our children.

Alhumdolillah, I am satisfied with the on going relief and education projects in Baluchistan; will further enhance the effort.

Wealthy people should come forward and show generosity in making schools and health centers especially in #Baluchistan.

I pray all Masajids become house of ALLAH SwT instead of becoming center of sectarianism.

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