Jamat-ud-Dawah Social Media Workshop in Islamabad


Under the administration of Jamat-ud-Dawah’s Social Media Department, a social media workshop was held in Islamabad in which many people participated including, students from schools, colleges and universities, as well as professionals and people from various fields.

The major focus of these workshops was to infuse the use of social media for spreading Islam and giving da’wah. There were many areas of social media discussed, and the participants were guided regarding ethical use of social media. They were also taught about differentiating between correct and incorrect use of social sites.

The main speakers on the occasion included the head of social media, AbdurRehman, Engineer Saquib Majeed, and Asif Khursheed.

Discussions during the training session included teaching the followers about spreading Islam through Da’wah. The role of a Muslim in this regard was given attention.

Participants were told about international conspiracies being plotted and hatched against Muslims and what the results of these actions are.

Participants were taught about using the Internet as well as the ethical responsibilities that one must be aware of. Additionally, the participants were enlightened regarding the obstacles Jamat-ud-Dawah faces on social media with their profiles being blocked and social media warfare.

At the end of the programs, the participants were basically reminded about using facebook for spreading Islam and that it should not be used for wasting time.


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