Maulana Nasr Javed’s Friday Sermon Highlighting the Importance of Unity in the Ummat


Lahore – Central leader of Jamat-ud-Dawah, Pakistan, Maulana Nasr Javed said that Burma, Kashmir, Palestine, as well as other regions are regions where Muslims have been subjected to torture and victimization.

Masjids and Maddrassas are being martyred and Muslims have faced genocide and ethnic cleansing. It is the duty of Muslims from across the umamt to help our brothers an d sisters in their hour of need.

Drone strikes have resulted in immense loss of innocent Pakistani lives, and the Pakistani rulers should not remain silent on this matter.

All forces must come together to curtail the terrorism of America and its allied forces.

Ramadan is the month for blessings and mercy from ALLAH (SwT). During this month, Muslims must strive to improve their individuals relationships with ALLAH (SwT) and they must aim to correct tenets of belief.

Maulana Nasr Javed made these statements when he spoke to a large congregation assembled at Qadsia MAsjid Chowberji Chowk for Friday congregational prayers.

He said that in order to defeat the disbelievers Muslims have to revert to their original religion. Muslims will have to abandon the western cultural practices and they will have to adopt a Muhammadi culture.

Women must clad themselves according to the Islamic prescriptions, and we must admit our children in educational organizations that are Islamic based in order to ensure that their Imaan is protected with the right teachings.

Sectarianism is a danger to the Muslim Ummat and we must rid ourselves of this evil. Pakistan was established on the basis of the Kalima-e Tayabat, and if we raise the flag of the Quran and Sunnat, sectarianism will disappear.

He further said that the Muslim Ummat is like one body, and if any part of it is in distress the rest of the Ummat feels that pain. Burma is an example of the pain that we feel, and Muslims are being killed rampantly there.

All those Muslioms who are struggling for independence, soon by the will of ALLAH will be rewarded with freedom. It is disappointing that the Muslim rulers at this point are silent just like the enemies of Islam, and no one is raising their voice for the suffering of the Burmese Muslims.

The Muslim ummat must support the Burmese Muslims in every way possible in order for them to achieve independence. The Buddhist murderers who are conducting a genocide against Muslims have the support of the enemies of Islam.

There is international propaganda against Muslims that these murderers are taking full advantage of, and this is how they are able to get away with ethnic cleansing of Muslims.

Maulana Nasr Javed further said that it is most important to bring the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah into your lives on an individual and collective basis. We should take guidance from the life of the Prophet (Sw). 1400 years later, this is still the source of guidance for the Muslim ummat, and it is the solution for all the problems that Muslims face today.

Islam is a complete guidance; just like Namaz, Roza, Zaqat and Hajj, politics, economics and society should also be governed by the laws of ALLAH (SwT) and the guidance of the Prophet (Sw).


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