The Pakistani Nation Must Unite to Get Rid of India’s Illegal Control of Pakistani Waters


Lahore – After protesting against the making of Kashan Ganga Dam on the Channab River, religious and political leaders have raised their voices against the initiation of a 850 megawatt Hydel project. They said that India is constructing these dams with the help of Israel. India is completing these dams swiftly, and they are in the hopes of destroying Pakistan without engaging in a full-blown conventional war.

They are not only constructing dams on rivers, but are also doing so on Pakistan tributaries. This allows them direct control over our waters, and they can choose to flood Pakistan or deny it of any water at will.

With India’s control over Channab waters, they can turn us into a barren land. Pakistan must expose India’s water terrorism before the whole world. There must be a strong movement to stop what they are doing. These views were expressed by Jammat -ud-Dawah’s central leaders, Hafiz Abd ur Rehman Makki; Maulana Ameer Hamza; Pakistan Water Movement Convener, Hafiz Saifullah Mansoor; Central representative of Mutahad Jamiat AhleHadith, Sheikh Naeem Badshah; Amer Jamat-ud-Dawah Lahore, Maulana Abu Al Hashim; and, Representatives of Tehreek-e-Azadi Jammu and Kashmir, Hafiz Khalid Waleed and Doctor Abu Waqqas. They said that Pakistan is at severe risk due to India’s brazen advancements in water terrorism. The whole country is already running short of water and electricity. Simultaneously, Pakistan’s security is at risk.

Including Kashan Ganga, there are ongoing efforts to build dams which are in complete violation of the Sindh water treaty. Our rulers must consider every possible option in order to counter the Indian violations.

If India does not heed the warnings, the next Pakistan-India war will be one fought for water. He said that India is simply taking advantage of America’s presence in the region, and that’s why they are doing their best to construct as many dams as possible. The dams are constructed with two objectives; they are being used to destroy Pakistan’s economy and they also serve as a backbone for threats to Pakistani security.

If India is not stopped from building dams on Pakistani waters, Pakistan is bound to face immense scarcity of water and electricity.

America, Israel and financial institutions such as the World Bank are supportive towards India. The Pakistani nation will have to unite in order to get rid of India’s control on river water. India occupies and illegally controls Pakistani water ways after violating international water agreements.


One thought on “The Pakistani Nation Must Unite to Get Rid of India’s Illegal Control of Pakistani Waters

  1. hero of islaam.hafiz syed and abdul rahman maki and nasr jawad and other muslim leader

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