Jamat-ud-Dawah has announced a countrywide protest on Friday against the desecration of Quran and martyrdom of Imam in Indian Occupied Kashmir


Lahore – Jamat-ud-Dawah has strongly protested to the deplorable incident in India Occupied Kashmir today in which Indian soldiers desecrated a masjid by entering with their boots on, and then martyred an imam, and also desecrated the Quran. There will be a countrywide protest on Friday. The largest protest will be at Chowberji Chowk in Lahore.

Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has appealed for everyone to participate in rallies and protests against the atrocities in Indian-held Kashmir. Jamat-ud-Dawah itself will hold protests in the provincial capital of Punjab, Lahore, as well as in Faislabad, Muzzafarabad, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Gujranwala as well as many other cities and towns. All those who will participate in these protests will include students, lawyers, traders, members of civil of society as well as people from other walks of life.

After congregational prayers, there will be protests outside masjids as well and the Khutbas will have this issue as the main subject to highlight the atrocities and desecration that have taken place in Kashmir.

In Lahore itself, Hafiz Saeed has already given instructions to his workers to prepare for the protests tomorrow so that they will be peaceful and organized, particularly because it is the month of Ramadan. In this same month, peaceful protesting Kashmiris have been martyred, and the Quran has been desecrated, which is the worst form of terrorism. No matter how much these acts are condemned, it seems insufficient. We must raise our voices for the people of Kashmir who are suffering at the hands of tyrants.

The Kashmiris think of Pakistan as their biggest lawyer, and despite the presence of 800,000 Indian troops in Occupied Kashmir, Kashmir raises the Pakistani flag there and are now taking bullets on their chests because of their allegiance.

The Pakistani government must not remain silent in view of Indian state terrorism, and it must unveil the ugly face of Indian state terrorism. It is very unfortunate that Pakistani rulers are adamant towards building friendship with India and are ignoring the sacrifices of our Kashmiri brothers. Due to this, there is a degree of disappointment spreading among our brothers in Kashmir. he further said that the Pakistani nation must abandon the current friendship policies and express solidarity with Kashmiris. They should participate in these protests in order to present their proof of love and unity with Kashmiris.


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