Jamat ud Dawah Has Set Up Projects for Helping the Poor Throughout the Month of Ramadan


Lahore – The JuD has managed to complete water projects in Balochistan, Sindh and Tharpakar where thousands now have access to clean drinking water.

More 300,000 patients have been treated via medical camps and they have been supplied with medicines at no cost.

Dry foods have been distributed in Balochistan and the process is an ongoing one.

Also, food is being supplied to people Balochistan for Suhur and Aftar in order to ensure that people can keep their daily obligatory fast for the month of Ramadan.

Millions of rupees are being spent in order to facilitate the the Balochi brothers and sisters in need.

These views were expressed by FIF Chairman, Hafiz Abdur Rauf at MAsjid Al Qadsia, Chowberjee Chowk. He said these words while speaking to the department of doctors during an aftar program.

He said that there are many areas throughout the country where there are no facilities for treatment, diet advice or clean drinking water. There are places where people have not even seen medicines before. There are many areas like this in Balochistan where people are forced to drink dirty water. In order to get a little drinking water, they have to travel arduous journeys on foot or by some beast of burden.

The situation was worsened in recent years when there was drought in Balochistan. In Ramadan, we should understand and empathize with our brothers in Balochistan and Sindh where we need to extend every possible form of help.

JuD has put in a lot of effort in this regard and has established a development program. Various camps are set up to facilitate the people.

In Tharparkar alone, there are miles of territory where more than 1000,000 people are living wretched lives. JuD makes every effort to reach out the people in this region and has initiated education and health projects for the people in these areas.

Hafiz Abdur Rauf said that during the month of Ramadan, it is time for reflection, and we must think about correcting ourselves and understanding how other people are suffering with hunger and thirst. When we fast, we have an opportunity to understand the issues that other people have in our country.


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