Hafiz Saeed Condemns Indian Firing across the LoC that martyred one Pakistani Soldier and injured another


Lahore – The Ameer of Jamat-ud-Dawah, Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that the Indian firing across the Line of Control at RawalKot Nizapir Sector is highly condemnable. He said that it is because of the weak policies of the Pakistan government that the Indians repeated cross the limits.

Our rulers need to open their eyes and see what is going on because India is doing whatever it wants right before them.

On one hand, the Indians claim they want friendship with Pakistan, and on the other hand they kill our soldiers and innocent civilians across the Line of Control. By its actions, India has exposed its real intentions once again.

Instead of our rulers remaining silent, they should give India a befitting answer.

Indian shelling across the LoC is part of the conspiracy against Pakistan. India will only understand tough dialogue and will never pay heed to any level-headed explanations and reasoning.  India extending a hand of friendship is just a deception and it is very apparently not sincere about improvement of relations.

India needs to realize its place ands America needs to refrain from its mischief making. Our brave and dignified Pakistani nation is not ready to remain silent.

India has taken a mean advantage of America’s presence in the region. With more news coming through about the Americans running out of the region, India is getting jittery and these kinds of actions are clearly visible to everyone now.

India is getting more and more desperate and is acting out of desperation. They are worried about what will become of them once America leaves the region. Hafiz Saeed further reiterated the need for the Pakistani rulers not to be pressurized by the Indians, and he urged them to be brave in their decision-making.


One thought on “Hafiz Saeed Condemns Indian Firing across the LoC that martyred one Pakistani Soldier and injured another

  1. First we must correct ourselves, our atitude. Our leaders are the reflection of our nation. So, if our atitude is not refined how will our leaders will be refined????

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