Professor Hafiz AbdurRehman Makki Says Pakistan Should Continue Playing Its Role for Protecting the Muslim Ummat

Abdul Rehman Makki

Karachi – Central leader of Jamat-ud-Dawah Pakistan, Professor Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki said that Pakistan has always helped Muslims around the world in their defense, and it is has done a great deal for international Muslim unity. With Pakistan’s support, the Americans have been thwarted in Afghanistan.

Pakistan should not buy electricity from India and it should rid Indian presence and occupation on Pakistani waters. Hafiz AbdurReham Makki expressed these views at a recent address he made at an educational gathering and at an Aftaar program in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and F.B. Area.

On t his occasion, there were people present from all walks of life in large numbers. In view of the ongoing situation between India and Pakistan, He said that the enemies of Islam that come to attack Muslims also have to retreat sooner or later.

He also said that the Pakisyani nation has sacrificed a great deal for the sake of the Muslim Ummat, and ALLAH (SwT) will not let these sacrifices will never go in vain. ALLAH (SwT) is preparing a plan for the end of Hindustan as we know it. Instead of Pakistan buying electricity from a corrupt and enemy state, our rulers should wok more towards serving the needs of Muslims in other places that need help.

He further said that the Americans have progressed by selling weapons for wars that they engineer for their own gains. However, these wars have also become a real problem for the Americans themselves. The progress that the Euro has gained has been through the oil that they have robbed from Muslim countries.However, those who have depended so much on oil are in trouble, and the Dollar and the Euro are headed towards destruction.


One thought on “Professor Hafiz AbdurRehman Makki Says Pakistan Should Continue Playing Its Role for Protecting the Muslim Ummat

  1. First we should see our country conditions then blame other countries.
    Blaming other countries is not the solution of problems

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