Message by Prof.Hafiz Saeed, Ameer Jamat ud Dawah

“This is a blessed moment when moon of Shawal has been sighted and Muslim Ummah will observe Eid ul Fitr. It is a day of happiness and joy, when Fasts, Salah, Charity, Zakaah and other deeds and supplications of Muslims are accepted by ALLAH SWT, and when our creator is pleased; hence called ‘Eid’.

Today when we see the condition of Muslims Ummah, we notice how in many parts of the world Muslims are being oppressed. We saw how Indian forces continuously enter Masajids, desecrate holy Qura’an and then mercilessly kill innocents in occupied Kashmir, their leaders are constantly under arrest, curfews in Ramadan, torture and humiliation continue.

In Burma, Buddhists are killing Muslims with Hindus supporting this genocide. Decisions to suffocate Muslims have been made, by snatching their right to freedom. They fear that Muslims will rise for their right; therefore they should be brutally killed and intimidated before such occurrence.

Similar situation is prevailing in Palestine where Israel is occupying their land. ALLAH’s enemies are hatching deadly conspiracies against Muslim countries in order to destabilize them. Pakistan remains the prime target of India, US and Israeli conspiracies.

In these depressing circumstances, Muslims are observing ‘Eid’. Similar situations and trials existed in the era of Prophet Muhammad SW as well. Muslims were forced to migrate, their rights were violated, and they were being attacked from all sides. Prophet Muhammad SW instigated and professed the need of Struggle against enemies in every khutba of ‘Eid’. He told his followers that there is only way to end oppression, that is to rise up and fight in the way of ALLAH.

Identical situation is prevailing today; therefore we remind this message of Prophet Muhammad SW to Muslims. We need to end our internal disputes, enmity among ourselves and unite by joining hearts by embracing each other. We need to spread love, harmony and brotherhood among each other and throughout the Muslim community by making a promise to ALLAH SWT; to act on the way of Muhammad SW to end oppression through ‘Jihad e fi sabilallah’. Victories like ‘The battle of Badar’ will follow our footsteps, if we return to the teachings of our Prophet and Qur’an; that is when true celebrations of Eid will be possible like the way Prophet celebrated after Badar and the Glorious ‘Conquest of Makkah’.

God willing that time is near my Muslim brothers, those oppressed in Kashmir, Palestine and Burma, that time is near when we will celebrate these Eids in Free air, ALLAH will not waste your Sacrifices, Ummah will be glorified, Islam will be strenghthened, that time is very near. So, we say Eid Mubarak to you in these times, Inshallah soon world will say Eid Mubarak to you after your triumph. May ALLAH accept.”


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